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Touqu’En Carton

« Touqu’encarton » is a contest open to anyone where the guiding principles are imagination, originality and most of all : a good laugh !

Build your cardoard boat and sign up.

How to participate – it’s easy !

  • Find inspiration by looking at photos on internet
  • Take a look at the location of the race (reservoir basin on the Centre Nautique de la Baie de Canche).
  • Get a crew together
  • Sign-up at the Centre Nautique de la Baie de Canche’s Reception by specifying each person’s size and weight (we provide life-jackets and wetsuits for the crews) 
  • Make sure you read our construction manual carefully
  • Define your dream boat
  • Find the materials or purchase our construction KIT
  • and build your cardboard vessel.

You’re ready for the race ! It takes place in the basin on the Centre Nautique de la Baie de Canche.


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