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a Tiny Boat Ride – 10 year-olds & over

Embark on your Tiny Boat from our floating pontoon. These two-person-dinghies are self-righting and perfect for a stressless trip around our beautiful bay. 

Our instructors can accompany you and help you make the most of your navigation time. 

You’ll soon master sailing and the Baie de Canche will become your favourite playing field.

  • 1h30 session (1h effective sailing)
  • Instructor supervision
  • Maximum 6 -person group to make the most of the outing
  • Friendly drink after the sail
  • Formula available weekly based on pre-scheduled planning.


  • Warm clothes and a change for afterwards, neoprene booties.
  • Gloves are highly recommended
  • Provided : wetsuit and life jacket

For further information or to make a booking request please use the following contact form: 

Contact C.N. Baie d’Authie

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