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Beaching Port in le Touquet Paris- Plage’s

The beaching port in le Touquet is in the Baie de Canche.

This sheltered body of water will safely harbor your boat.

  Acces to the port is difficult: First time entrance must be done during daylight!


  • 88 mooring arrangements
  • visitor mooring available
  • 70 dry-port locations


  • Slipway
  • Handling : 2 hydraulic handling trolleys
  • boat park
  • Garage for windsurfs
  • Lavatories & showers
  • Fresh water and 220 V electricity
  • Scheduled shuttle service available

  The beaching harbour is located in an area subject to strong current. 

  Do not enter the channel too woon (Flood tidal stream slows 30 minutes before hight-tide) and a minimum depth of 7.40m is required to avoid sand bars.

In doubt, remember the Boulogne harbor is near by, offers easy access and open 24/7.

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